Why Do Female Dogs Bark So Much?

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Why Do Female Dogs Bark So Much?

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A dog that constantly barks can be a nuisance for you and your neighbors! Some dogs and dog breeds just seem to bark more than others! But why do female dogs bark so much?

Dogs bark to communicate something. They may be greeting other dogs, exchanging news (or gossip!), expressing some emotion, and more. Barking is a normal dog behavior. However, there are some reasons that may cause a female dog to bark.

We’ve put together some information on why female dogs may bark a lot. Let’s get started!

Why Do Female Dogs Bark So Much?

As we mentioned earlier, barking is a dog’s normal way of communicating with other dogs and with humans! Dogs may bark to warn of danger, when they’re happy and excited, to join in with other dogs in the neighborhood, barking, and more!

Here are some other reasons your female dog may be barking so much!

1. She Wants Something

A female dog may bark a lot if she wants something. This is called demand barking. A dog may bark when she wants to go for a walk, wants attention, she’s hungry, or needs more water.

Demand barking tends to be shorter, with a single bark followed by a few fast barks in succession. The dog may then pause to see if her demand is getting a reaction.

Or, if your dog is with you, she may look straight at you to see if you understand what she wants! If she doesn’t think her need is getting the right response, the female dog may be more insistent and bark even more.

2. She’s Scared or Alarmed

Female dogs may also bark a lot if they’re afraid or alarmed by something. This may be anything from the doorbell ringing to an intruder trying to enter your home. Your dog is afraid or excited by something and is trying to let you know.

3. Anxiety

Another cause of a female dog barking a lot is that she may be suffering from anxiety. This may be separation anxiety or something else that’s causing her to feel anxious. For this reason, she will bark quite a bit to let you know she’s feeling anxious.

Sometimes an anxious dog may use an aggressive-sounding bark, while other times she may be very fearful and use a different kind of bark.

What Should I Do If My Female Dog is Barking A Lot?

The first thing to do is try to figure out why your fur baby is barking. Does she seem anxious, happy, scared? Does she need or want something? Sometimes if you can figure out the cause, it’s pretty easy to fix.

However, if you’re unable to figure out what’s causing your female dog to bark, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with the vet. It’s possible your dog could be suffering from an underlying health condition. And the vet may also be able to determine if your canine companion is suffering from anxiety. These are conditions that can be treated.

So, be sure to call the vet if you’re unable to discern what’s going on with your dog. You and your female dog will be much happier for it!

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