Why Do Female Dogs Bark At Male Dogs?

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Why Do Female Dogs Bark At Male Dogs?

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Dogs have a different language than we do—it’s called barking! Barking is the way dogs communicate with one another. Another thing some pet parents don’t understand is that different barks communicate different messages!

But some people notice that their female dogs are barking at male dogs. What could be causing this behavior?

We’ve put together some information about why female dogs may bark at male dogs. Is there anything you can do? We’ve included information to answer that question, too!

Why Do Dogs Bark at One Another?

Dogs have different ways of communicating with other dogs. These include scent and body language. However, barking seems to be the top method to communicate with other dogs. In addition, certain types of barks have a specific meaning. Some barks are to warn, call, share information, and more!

So, why do female dogs bark at male dogs? There are many reasons, including the following.

Territorial: some female dogs are very territorial and will bark at any other dogs, including males, that choose to walk by or enter their territory. Your dog’s territory may include her home, yard, the street that runs in front of your home, and more! Some dogs consider an entire city block to be their own!

Playfulness: dogs may bark at their friends to come and play. Typically, the female dog may run around her yard or home looking happy and excited when she sees a male dog friend. She may be inviting him to come and play.

Separation anxiety: dogs suffering from separation anxiety tend to bark as a way to self-soothe. Some dogs may bark excessively and barely take a breath once in a while. Barking to self-soothe is usually high-pitched and has an urgent quality to it.

Excitement: a female dog may bark at a male dog because she’s somehow excited by his presence.

Fear & anger: another reason a female dog may bark at a male is due to feeling fearful and angry. In this case, the female dog may be smaller than a larger male dog that’s come into her home or territory. Or the female may be a mother who is trying to guard and protect her puppies. This type of barking usually has a lower pitch and lasts longer. A female dog may also include some growls at intervals between barking.

Being social: some female dogs bark to socialize with other dogs in the area! This is a common cause of female dogs barking at male dogs. They’re just exchanging news around the neighborhood! Maybe even a little doggie gossip!

Saying hi: female dogs may also bark at male dogs as a form of greeting.

Fight: a female dog in heat may bark to warn off a male who is intent on seeing her. This kind of barking can even lead to a fight.

These are some of the main reasons a female dog may bark at a male dog. But what can you do if your female dog is barking excessively at male dogs?

What to Do If Your Female Dog Barks Excessively

If your female dog is barking excessively, the key is to find out what’s causing her to bark like this at male dogs. Is she afraid? Is she greeting her friends? What’s the cause of her barking?

It may be impossible to determine the cause of your dog’s barking. In that case, it’s a good idea to have your dog checked by the vet. Your fur baby could have an underlying health condition that’s causing her to bark so much. If not, the vet may recommend seeing a professional dog behaviorist to curb this barking problem.

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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