Preparing Your Pet For Travel: Required Documents To Translate

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Preparing Your Pet For Travel

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Are you traveling with your pet buddy? Well, there is certainly a lot to prepare for. No, we are not talking about buying the essentials, but about the documents, your pet will need to travel. These documents are a must, and you will need them to be translated to your destination country’s language. Pack your bag, create an Insta profile for your dog, and fasten your seatbelts.
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Essential Documents Your Furry Buddy Will Need

In this segment, you will find the most common documents that are required by most countries.

Acclimation Certificate

This is an essential document for your pet to be certified for travel. If your buddy is not accustomed to the harsh cold or extreme humidity, then a sudden weather change can be very harmful to them. With this document, you will find about the regulation of countries having extreme climates. However, you must also look up the particular airline you are traveling with, whether they have asked for this document or not.

Veterinary Inspection Certificate

It is also called a CVI or Health Certificate, where the veterinarian provides a signed document certifying that your pet has been examined for diseases and health issues. You must issue this certificate just before you travel because usually, these documents stay valid for only a few days.

Rabies Vaccination

It is a nasty disease for your furry friend, and you need to make sure your pet isn’t affected by it. Many countries require this checkup within a few days of arrival, say maybe ten days. So make sure your friend is checked in well in advance. If you are traveling to the States, you will also have to translate the document if it’s not in English.

Remember that if you travel abroad, some countries will demand a certified translation of the documents you prepare. Hire the best translator from top technical translation services because they are already familiar with all translation requirements and will help you translate, certify or notarize any documents for you and your pet.

Special Documents For Dogs

Apart from these general documents, there are certain other documents required, especially for dogs. These are:

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Special Documents For Cats

Just like dogs, if you are traveling with your cute cat friend, you will need a feline distemper. This certificate also goes by other names like Feline enteritis or Feline panleukopenia. You will also have to produce other vaccine certificates, including Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis, etc.

Special Documents For Exotic Or Wild Birds

If you want to travel with your feathery friend, you will require certain special documents and translate them if they are not in English. These documents are listed below:

Summing Up

While these documents are crucial for hassle-free travel with your pet, you must remember that the pandemic situation has called for stricter guidelines. As a result, certain airlines have altogether stopped their permit for traveling with pets. So there might be a chance that you have to travel on the road with your furry friends. But what’s better than a road trip with your favorite buddy, right?

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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