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Have you ever tried to move your cat somewhere? Whether it’s just to pop down to the vets, or a longer and more stressful journey like moving house, any cat owner knows the stress and fear of trying to move a cat. Going on a journey can make a cat very stressed and nervous, and many react badly to being put in a carrier. For some cats, it’s the only time they leave the house. And for others, being put in a box is a sign that something bad is about to happen. As owners, we need to do everything we can to minimize the stress our feline friends experience, especially when it’s in a situation they aren’t used to.

How to choose a carrier for your cat?

That’s why, as a responsible pet owner, it’s vital to invest in a quality pet carrier. Cat carriers come in a massive range of styles, weight, materials, and designs, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Some are more suitable for shorter journeys, such as the vets, and others will be better for longer journeys, such as moving house or going on holiday. As a general rule, soft-sided carriers are intended for short journeys due to them being less sturdy and usually collapsible. Hard-sided cat carriers are better for longer journeys because they are sturdier and more durable that soft-sided ones. If you are planning to take your cat on a plane, boat, or other public transport, we would definitely recommend a hard-sided carrier.

With all the different options available making a decision can be a difficult task. Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the best cat carriers available. We have included a range of hard-sided and soft-sided, including some designed for more specific purposes. If your beloved cat has any stress-related health issues or behavioural issues then please consult with your vet about the most suitable type of carrier.

Our Selection of Best Cat Carriers

1. Neocoichi Portable Cat Cage

This functional and stylish cat carrier from Neocoichi is fully collapsible and the perfect design for both short and longer car journeys. The carrier is big enough to comfortably fit two standard-sized cats, along with a water bowl. Neocoichi design the product with your cat’s needs in mind, so you can rest easy knowing your cat is as stress-free as possible. The carrier is designed with two roll-up mesh windows to allow for suitable ventilation for your cat, but they can also be rolled down to reduce stress or offer some privacy. Inside is a removable, easy-clean fleece mat that your cats will love to curl up on.

Because it is collapsible, it would also be a suitable carrier to keep in storage for emergencies or disasters, or if your cat needs to be temporarily confined. Alternatively, it would be ideal for storing in your car in case of emergencies. Neocoichi also produce a range of travel accessories such as portable litter trays so your cat can travel in comfort.

2. SportPet Designs Cat Carrier with Zipper Lock

So this carrier really does have it all. It’s a compact, foldable carrier so it will store perfectly until needed. The carrier is airline approved and has a reinforced steel frame so it can product your beloved cat. It is designed with sturdy craftsmanship and self-locking zips, so you know your cat will be safe traveling in this carrier. The super lightweight design is easy to carry with or without your cat inside, and it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so it is perfect for any length journey. SportPet have specially designed the carrier so that it fits under cabin seats of most popular airlines. This is a massive benefit for anyone who worries about how they will fly with their cat.

The best part of this carrier is that it features expandable sides, meaning you can increase the room for your cat, and also improve ventilation with the mesh covering. With the sides up, the only mesh panel is the door, and while this does mean it might get a bit stuffy for your cat, at least it will be private. Inside is a removable fleece lining that is waterproof and easy to clean.

3. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Pet Carrier

The intuitive design of this carrier from Pet Magasin combines the convenience of a collapsible carrier with the security of a hard cover. The carrier is on the smaller side, and is more suitable for a quick trip to the vets than a long journey. It designed for easy storage when not in use, folding down so the top and bottom panels zip together. The collapsible sides are made of a lightweight material over mesh, meaning there is excellent ventilation for your cat, but still offering enough privacy so they do not get stressed. The cut outs mean your cat will still be able to see what is going on. It also features self-locking zips for added security, and once assembled the carrier is supported by its clever design.

The floor mat is made of a non-slip material and is padded, so your cat has a comfortable place to lie down during the journey. The door is one large mesh panel so your cat will still be able to interact with the outside world, but this could be easily covered if your cat prefers privacy and not sacrifice ventilation. This carrier is most suitable for people who need a reliable product that is easy to store and only used on occasions.

4. PetLuv Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

This large cat carrier is designed to offer four times more interior space than traditional carriers, and is perfect for cats that dislike being confined in small carriers. Because it is a soft-sided carrier it is not suitable for plane journeys, but would be ideal for short and long haul car journeys. The spacious interior will easily accommodate one very large cat, or two normal sized cats with plenty of room to spare. PetLuv have designed the carrier with convenience in mind. It is fully collapsible and is easy to carry in this state, meaning it would be perfect to take in a car or keep in storage until needed. All four sides have curtains that can be rolled up, allowing your cat to see what is going on all around them. Alternatively, the sides can be rolled down for privacy, and the carrier will still have excellent ventilation.

The carrier comes in a range of colors and you can buy an additional stroller frame, making the carrier amazingly portable and convenient. Inside is a beautifully soft plush pillow that is easy to clean and super comfortable for your cat. The mesh sides can also be rolled up, so even when you’re not planning a journey you can set it up as your cat’s new favorite napping spot!

5. Cheering Pet Pop Up Cat Carrier

This is super-convenient carrier from Cheering Pet. It is a pop up carrier and so is ready in no time, and without any assembly. It is just as easy to collapse again, requiring little more than a twist. If you need a carrier that is ready in the blink of an eye, then this one is for you. The carrier also comes with a range of great accessories, including a collapsible bowl and bed. With all these useful extras this carrier is perfect if you need to confine your cat overnight, or provide it with a nice temporary home. The carrier also comes with ground stakes so it can be tethered outside as a lovely sleeping spot for your cat. Two sides feature roll up curtains and mesh panels, so you can improve ventilation or open the carrier up completely.

The floor mat of the carrier attaches with Velcro, and all the other accessories can then be secured to the mat. This is a useful feature if you are planning on traveling in the car because it will stop your cat from sliding about everywhere! The inside is spacious enough to set up both the bowl and the bed, while still leaving enough room for your cat.

6. Bencmate Soft Sided Cat Carrier

This carrier from Bencmate is designed for convenience when travelling by plane. It is airline approved, and sturdy enough to protect your cat. Unlike other airline-approved carriers on this list, this is essentially a gym bag with several mesh ventilation panels. While this may not sound ideal, it does mean your cat will have more privacy during what will likely be a very stressful journey for them. This carrier is highly portable, with both a shoulder strap and tote handles. This means it will be perfect for using with other luggage, and still allow you to have a hand free. It is small enough to fit in cabin seat storage, but there is still enough interior space for your cat to be comfortable. There are also several reflective strips on the sides for increased visibility and safety.

Bencmate have made the carrier from amazingly durable materials, and the bag is also waterproof and easy to clean. It has a supported structure so the carrier won’t lose shape while travelling. There is a wide, fully zippered opening which allows for easy entry, and the inside pad is removable so it can be folded down to save on space.

7. SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier

The inspired design of this carrier from SportPet Designs allows for a completely hard-sided, collapsible carrier. It is made of a sturdy and durable plastic that will protect your cat from bumps, but is still lightweight and portable. This carrier is another on the small side, and because of this we would only recommend it for short trips, such as to the vets. The carrier folds down to a very compact design in four easy steps and does not contain any complex locking mechanisms. The door is secured with two latches, meaning your cat will have no chance to open it from the inside. The walls and door have plenty of cut outs to provide ample ventilation for your cat. The door opens very wide so your cat should just be able to walk in! This will definitely ease stress when trying to get them into the carrier.

Included with the carrier is a soft and comfortable floor mat, which is completely removable and easy to clean. While there isn’t room inside for a portable litter tray, the plastic material is incredibly easy to clean if there are any accidents. This is another carrier that is perfect for people who want a convenient product that doesn’t take up loads of room when it’s not in use.

8. LOGROTATE Cat Carrier

LOGROTATE tick all the boxes with this amazing cat carrier. Most importantly, it is airline approved, and it is made of a durable, lightweight Oxford fabric. It can fit in most carry on luggage spaces and has a detachable shoulder strap for portability. This will be the perfect carrier if you travel long distances with your cat and want something safe and secure. The carrier has a sturdy frame so it won’t get squashed while travelling, and it has expandable sides to provide your cat with more room when needed. The expandable sides mean this would be a good carrier for taking on holiday and setting up as a temporary home. The door and expandable sides are all mesh so there is plenty of ventilation. This feature makes it ideal for cats that dislike being shut in confined carriers. When the sides are up there is adequate privacy, but the door does not have a curtain so your cat will always be able to see what is going on.

LOGROTATE include two free collapsible travel bowls with the carrier, which is a useful little extra. There is plenty of room in the spacious interior to set up the bowls, and your cat still have room to move around. The fleece-lined floor mat is beautifully soft, padded, and machine washable. Overall, this carrier is one of the best on the list, and very good value for money.

9. Giantex Astronaut Cat Carrier

This carrier is an extreme example of portability. It is designed to be worn as a backpack, and has a large domed window for your cat to see out of. It is great for daily use, particularly if you like taking your indoor cat on walks with you. The interior space is surprisingly large because of the expandable sides, and there are plenty of large mesh patches that provide suitable ventilation. The interior is made of a durable, wipe clean material, and there is a clip hook in case you need to secure your cat in the carrier. The large dome window can be removed if you trust your cat not to run away. The exterior of the carrier is made from a high quality plastic that will protect your cat while you are travelling. This carrier would also be suitable for smaller pets such as rabbits and puppies.

Giantex produce the carrier in a range of interesting colours, the best being the rose gold. This carrier would be a fashionable way of taking your cat on travels with you but would not be suitable for long journeys or flights. It is more of a leisure carrier than a functional one. Although if you do decide to take your cat out for a walk in it, you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads! Just make sure your cat is confident going outside, and that it doesn’t mind being put in a smaller space.

10. SportPet Large Pop Up Cat Carrier

SportPet have designed a carrier that would make a perfect temporary home for while you’re on holiday or travelling. It is big enough to comfortably fit two adult cats with room for a bed and other items. It is incredibly simple to open, needing only to be unclipped, and it collapses just as easily. It also features seatbelt hooks so it can be secured in the car while driving. It is made of a lightweight but durable fabric and features a large mesh panel and mesh door, both will roll down curtains. The mesh panels can also be rolled up if you want to provide a freely accessible sleeping spot for your cat. SportPet also include a carrying bag for storage and two collapsible bowls. This is a useful addition, and there is plenty of room inside to set the bowls up.

This carrier would be ideal for transporting one or two cats in the car, and provide a good home for them while on holiday. It would also make for a good permanent bed in your home as it provides a nice private space for your cat. The cushioned floor pad is removable and washable, but there is plenty of room inside for a nice bed. Because your cat only deserves the best when they’re travelling!

11. Petmate Two Door Carrier

This is a very traditional, but still very functional design. The main body is made of a very durable plastic, and the two doors are made of steel. This carrier may not be as attractive as other on this list, but it provides the most security and durability. It would be ideal for any journey, although it is a bit inconvenient because it doesn’t collapse. The doors both lock with latches, meaning your cat will not be able to work themselves free. The top door allows for easy entry if you need to pick your cat up, and the front door is perfect if they are happy to walk in themselves. While the carrier does not come with an interior mat, the plastic surface is incredibly easy to clean and there is plenty of room for a lovely comfy bed.

Petmate produce the carrier in a good range of sizes and colors, meaning there is plenty of choice so you can find the one right for you. The plastic sides have plenty of cut outs, so there is good ventilation, and the steel wire doors allow your cat to see what is going on around them. If your cat prefers more privacy, covers are available that would fit over the carrier and still allow for good ventilation.

12. K&H Pet Products Cat Carrier

This is simple but functional cat carrier is suitable for all car journeys, and is lightweight and portable. It is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, and has three large mesh side panels and multiple doors. All doors have secure zips, so your cat won’t be able to get out unless you want them to. It features multiple seatbelt loops to secure it in place while travelling, and will fit in either the front or back seat of most cars. It is made from a very lightweight and durable nylon fabric, and the mesh side panels allow for good visibility and ventilation. Unfortunately, there are no curtains for the doors, so this might not be the ideal choice if your cat gets anxious or stressed during car journeys. However if your cat likes to see what is going on around it, then this would be perfect!

The carrier folds flat for easy storage, meaning it would be ideal for keeping in the car while on holiday, or for easy storage at home. The sides are easy to wipe clean, and the removable floor mat is cushioned and machine washable. There is also plenty of room to set up a bed and water bowl inside. K7H also produce a range of different sized carriers and crates, so you’ll be able to find the one that is right for your needs.

Cats: Top 12 Best Carriers  - Your Cat's New Home

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