7 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

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Welcoming a dog into your family is a happy and wholesome experience filled with snuggles and kisses from your new furry friend. Understandably, 69 million households in the United States have at least one dog with the warmth they bring to each home. The challenge begins when you want to travel to a new destination and enjoy exciting adventures.

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Leaving your furry friends behind is difficult, but there are other solutions to this dilemma if you’re an expert at trip planning. Using the best traveling tips makes it simple and stress-free to travel with pets to your favorite vacation spots for a trip you’ll never forget.

Luckily for your canine sidekick, you’ve discovered the best guide to traveling with your pup to destinations worldwide. Continue reading for seven practical tips for traveling with your dog today!

7 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

1. Take a Test Drive

If you’re driving to your next vacation spot with your pup in tow, take a test drive to find out how Charlie reacts to extended time in the car. The ideal test drive should last between two and four hours to ensure your dog will be okay when you start traveling with them. Many dogs suffer from motion sickness and struggle to hold bodily fluids during the drive.

A dog that struggles with a short trip will be in for a challenging experience if you’re driving cross-country to visit Alaska or Maine. It’s the best way to test the waters to see if you can incorporate your dog into vacation planning.

2. Bring Food and Medication

There’s no guarantee that you’ll find the necessary medications for your canine when you’re on the road or traveling abroad. Pack the proper medication for your dog’s health to ensure a smooth transition into traveling. Forgetting the medicine could make holidays with fireworks a dreadful experience for you and your furry friend.

Packing plenty of dog food for the journey is wise, especially if you’re driving. Switching to a different brand of dog food could throw your dog’s stomach off and result in unpleasant diarrhea. Remember to bring the best food if your dog is on a restrictive diet for their health.

Your dog will have a wonderful time on the trip if you remember the essentials for a healthy pup. Pack these items beforehand to avoid forgetting them when you hit the road with your puppy and favorite tunes.

3. Find a Pet-Friendly Stay

Bringing your dog with you on your travels is a welcome source of comfort, but you must find accommodations that allow pets before hitting the road, especially if you’re not camping. You can search platforms like Vrbo and Airbnb to find rental properties allowing dogs when planning vacations.

Consider the location of the property as well when putting together your trip. A home that allows pets but is in the middle of Manhattan won’t be the best experience for your pup. Use Google Maps to find pet-friendly parks and restaurants near your stay so you and your furry family member enjoy a break from the norm.

4. Choose Fun Activities

When traveling with pets, finding activities perfect for you and your dog is vital. Visiting art museums and sporting events is a poor choice since you can’t bring your pet to these events. Focus on outdoor activities like hiking to enjoy with your dog, especially if you want time outdoors.

Bring the best dog backpack carrier with you for a hiking experience you won’t soon forget. This durable and convenient carrying pack lets you bring your dog everywhere. Combine this pack with areas similar to your dog’s comfort zone for the best traveling experience.

5. Plan for Pit Stops

Expect more stops in the future when you travel with pets to your favorite vacation destinations. You’re not the only one in the car who needs a break from driving, so pick restaurants and rest areas with grassy spots for your dog to enjoy. Plan stops when trip planning, so you’re prepared in advance.

Your dog is much more likely to enjoy traveling when you make life simple and stress-free. You’ll set the stage for future adventures with your best friend. Accounting for these stops prevents unnecessary accidents in the car and promotes good health for your pup.

6. Cover Your Car Seats

You can’t read your dog’s mind, so it’s difficult to determine when they need to use the bathroom, especially if you’re traveling alone. It’s wise to cover your car seats to protect them from nails, fur, urine, and worse. Investing in a backseat cover is wise to maintain your car’s appearance and value while bringing your pup.

If your dog answers the call of nature while in transit, you can easily clean the mess. You can wash the backseat cover out of the car to solve the problem. A back seat cover makes the journey more enjoyable for both parties.

7. Bring Comfort Items

Your dog likely has some comfort items from home, like a favorite toy or a blanket. Bringing these items with you when you travel with pets is a must to ensure your dog has a memorable and peaceful journey. The dog bed is another critical item to bring so your dog can enjoy some rest while you drive those highway miles toward the destination.

Pair the dog bed with a crate to keep your dog safe should you get in an accident. These precautions and plans will help you make the most of traveling tips with furry friends!

Apply These Traveling Tips to the Next Adventure

Planning the next adventure with your pet is a blast, but you must take the proper steps and use the best traveling tips to plan a trip to remember. Bring your dog’s comfort items and find pet-friendly accommodations for a stress-free vacation. Plan activities perfect for you and your dog, and remember to bring medication and dog food when hitting the road.

Are you ready to see more of the world with your favorite furry pal? Explore more of our pet and animal content for fulfilling future vacations!

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