10 Reasons Why You Should Pet a Cat

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Why You Should Pet a Cat

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Wondering what is the hype around cats? Well, they are actually worth all the buzz. The feline friends have so many traits that make them one of the best pet options.

In this article, we will take you through the 10 reasons why you should consider a cat for a pet option. Towards the end of the article, after knowing all about cats, you will definitely be convinced to buy or adopt one!

1.   Hygiene Cautious: Self Cleaning Animals

Cats are very hygiene cautious animals and hence you don’t have to spend much time and effort on cleaning them. They keep lick-cleaning themselves at all times. Cats generally don’t move out of the house and pick and so they hardly get scruffy.In addition to that, they rarely smell unpleasant like other pets such as rabbits, dogs, etc.

2.   Aren’t Attention Hungry at All Times

Unlike dogs, cats do not crave your undivided attention at all times. They will instead curl up beside you while you work peacefully. They are less prone to separation anxiety, hence you can easily move out for work without the guilt of leaving them behind. They can even be left home alone for over a week without any companions, just ensure sufficient food and water for them.

3.   Free Lizard Riddance

Do you know a single person who finds lizards tolerable? We neither. The good news is that cats scare away the lizards so there are less chances of you screaming your lungs out on sudden encounters with lizzy-pizzys! Not just lizards and rats, cats keep your house safe from various pesticides that could be very dangerous for your family’s health

4.   No Unnecessary Din

Cats are very quite animals. Even their highest-pitch meow is softer on the ears than cries of other animals. That is even more relevant today when the Covid-19 pandemic has locked us inside the houses forcing innumerable online meetings. With cats you can be sure about a noise-free space to attend the meetings peacefully.

Why You Should Pet a Cat

5.   Less Drama: Low on Maintenance

Cats are very low-maintenance as compared to other pets. They are neither too delicate like fishes and rabbits, nor too sturdy like dogs. They are just perfect with absolutely no drama. They self-clean, can be on their own, easy to potty-train, don’t demand so much attention, and the list goes on.

6.   Longer Life Span

This could be one of the most significant advantages for people who find it extremely difficult to cope with a pet’s death. Cats usually have a really long life expectancy. On an average, a healthy cat lives up to 12 years which is quite a time. Additionally, even at the oldest, they are very much manageable and cuddleable.

Why You Should Pet a Cat

7.   Easy to Potty Train

Another benefit of petting a cat is that you will not have to spend hours cleaning its mess. Kittens usually know how to use litter box for pee and poop. In case they don’t, it is very easy to train them. Just show her where the litter box is and probably demonstrate how to dig it. The cat will easily follow.

Why You Should Pet a Cat

8.   Good for Physical and Mental Health

It is a no-brainer that the joy of petting is excellent for mental health. However, a lesser known fact is that cats are proven to be excellent for the physical health of their owners.Studies suggest that cats have a very calming effect on humans around them. They also play a significant part in minimizing heart attack risks and regulating blood pressure.

9.   Safe for Kids

Cats and young children can safely co-exist. Cats are usually gentle and friendly, therefore you can trust them around your kids. In fact, cats are deemed to assist in the overall development of your child. A study by Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University states that Children raised with pets often demonstrate well-balanced emotional health benefits such as greater empathy, cognitive development and greater social participation.

Why You Should Pet a Cat

10.  Comparatively Cost-effective

As compared to other pet animals, cats are cheaper to pet. You can easily get on through various adoption centers unless you are looking for a fancy breed. Other than that, all cat supplies, be it the food, toys or grooming tools are very cheap. Even the vet care for cats is usually lesser than other animals, especially dogs.

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