Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

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Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You

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Have you noticed that when your dog sleeps his bum is facing you? You may have wondered why this is and what causes him to act this way! If you’re asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Believe it or not, this is a common question pet parents ask about their dogs. So, we’ve put together some information on why a dog puts his rear toward you when he’s sleeping. Let’s get started!

Why Does a Dog Sleep with His Bum Facing You?

A dog that sleeps with his bum facing you may feel he trusts you and is comfortable in your presence. A dog only does this if they feel safe. Of course, your canine companion may also be asking you to scratch his tail end!

A dog who sleeps in this position may also be transferring his scent toward you. He could also be saying, “Let me sleep!” Let’s take a deeper look into why dogs do this!

1. Your Dog is Comfortable

Dogs love to be comfortable, and your fur baby may simply like lying in that position. Dogs, just like us, have the need and desire to sleep comfortably.

However, it’s also possible your dog may be comfortable with you. When your dog’s tail end is facing you, your fur baby is in a vulnerable position. He would not lye in this way if he didn’t feel safe with you and trust you.

So, if your fur baby is sleeping with his rear toward you, it may be he’s found a comfortable position for sleeping!

2. He’s Protecting You

Another reason that dogs put their rear toward you when they sleep is that they are offering protection. Wow! How cool is that!

When you and your dog have a deep bond, he is loyal and wants to protect you. They watch over you and protect you against harm. This is the case even when a dog is asleep.

If your dog is facing away from you when he’s sleeping, he’s being cautious and alert. He’s watching for any kind of threat that could cause harm to you. Your fur baby is guarding you.

3. Your Dog Trusts You

Again, your dog may be showing his trust when he sleeps with his tail end facing you. The dog’s rear end is a vulnerable part of his body. Dogs only show this vulnerability when they’re feeling safe and trusting. So, your fur baby is confident you’re not going to hurt him. What a great compliment!

What’s more, your dog may be counting on you to guard his back. So, sleeping with his rear toward you is saying your canine companion feels safe and doesn’t have to protect himself. He’s trusting you to come to his defense if a predator or other danger comes near!

4. He’s Avoiding Eye Contact

If you have a shy or timid dog, then he may sleep with his backend toward you. This may be the case for dogs that are rescued from a shelter or dogs that are shyer. If you look at your dog, he may feel you’re staring at him, which makes him feel uncomfortable.

Fear and shyness are common signs in a dog that has survived past trauma or been in a shelter. It’s also an issue in dogs that haven’t been properly socialized. Dogs that are uncomfortable being looked or stared at may face away from a person to avoid eye contact.

5. He’s Claiming You

Another reason a dog may lye with his backend toward you is that he’s claiming you. Dogs have scent glands under their tails, which are filled with pheromones. Each dog’s pheromones has a different scent that’s recognized by other dogs.

You’ve seen how dogs sniff each other’s rears when they meet. This is a way they learn about the other dog—through their pheromones. Dogs can recognize one another by their scents; however, they can also tell when a female is in heat and may be receptive to romantic overtures. They can also learn about the other dog’s health by sniffing pheromones.

So, your fur baby may be sticking his rear toward you when he sleeps to share his scent with you. He marks you as his!

6. Medical Conditions

A dog that has certain medical conditions may also sleep with his backend toward you. It may be he’s asking you to rub his rear end, which can be difficult to reach. Plus, some dogs love having this area scratched! However, it may also be an indication your dog has a health problem.

You may notice some symptoms if your dog has a health problem, including:

Health issues that can cause these symptoms include:

If you notice any of these or other concerning symptoms, it’s time to get a checkup with the vet.

7. You’ve Encouraged Your Dog to Sleep This Way

If you started to let your dog sleep this way when you first got him, chances are he will continue to sleep this way!

You may have encouraged this behavior by scratching your canine companion’s back or giving him belly rubs. Repetition of your actions lets the dog know what he’s doing is OK. So, he keeps lying with his rear facing you!

What if You Don’t Like Your Dog Laying with His Rear Toward You?

Just as your dog has learned to sleep with his rear facing you, he can also be trained to sleep in a different position. However, if your dog really feels safe sleeping this way, then you may want to let him keep on.

However, if this is a problem, you can train him to sleep in a different way that works for you both with a little patience and time!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are some of the reasons your dog may be sleeping with his backend facing you! In most cases, your fur baby is showing he feels safe and secure with you. He also trusts you to protect him. And your canine companion is also showing his protection, love, and care for you.

What could be better than that?

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