Is My Dog in Heaven Waiting For Me?

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Is My Dog in Heaven Waiting For Me

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Nothing is worse than losing a beloved pet. When a dog passes away, part of your heart goes with them. Whether they’ve been with you for a short time or for many years, either way, it’s one of the hardest losses to deal with.

When your dog passes, you may have many questions. One common question is whether your dog will be in heaven waiting for you.

This is a difficult question to answer if we’re on this side of the rainbow. However, there are some stories of pet parents having messages or experiences with their beloved dogs after they’ve passed. We’ve tried to gather some information to reassure you that your fur baby is waiting for you this very minute and sending his love across to you each day!

Is My Dog in Heaven Waiting for Me?

That’s a very difficult question to answer. However, many pet parents have said they’ve been visited or received signs that their dogs are with them.

Another consideration is your own beliefs. Some people believe in an afterlife, while others don’t. Certain religions teach there’s an afterlife but don’t really specify whether our pets will be there or not. So, it may come down to your own beliefs about the afterlife. However, in our case, we do believe that our dogs communicate with us from heaven and remain with us each day.

Near-Death Experiences

There are stories related by pet parents who have had near-death experiences. They describe dying, seeing their bodies from above and then moving on to beautiful places. In that place, some have said they found their beloved dogs waiting for them.

One person said their childhood dog came bounding toward them as if happy to see them after a long trip away. The experience felt so very real, too. Eventually, the person was revived and came back to life. They described their experience to others and found that other pet parents had similar experiences during a near-death experience.

NDEs (near-death experiences) are found across religions and in those who have no religious belief. These experiences happen in about 20% of people. They describe a sense of leaving their body and being taken to another place. Some describe traveling through a dark tunnel into a bright, vibrantly colored place. And it’s here that these individuals are reunited with loved ones and beloved pets.

Most of these experiences are positive and life changing. While research is difficult on these experiences, people who have NDEs usually say they are happy and no longer fear death. They also have the sense that loved ones and beloved dogs are with them every day, just waiting for the time they cross over.

End of Life Experiences

Similar to NDEs are end-of-life experiences, sometimes also referred to as the end of life visions. Many people have end-of-life experiences near the very end of their lives. These experiences have been described as more real than our current reality. Some describe these as feeling like they’re waking up from a long dream. As they wake up, they may find themselves surrounded by loved ones and dogs or other pets. There’s a great sense of joy and comfort at this time.

Many of these experiences have been documented by hospice nurses and other medical professionals. Some of these experiences take place while the patient is awake and cognizant. Other times, they occur when the patient is sleeping, just before death.

After-Death Communications

What about after-death communications? About 20% to 50% of people who have had loved ones or pets pass away say they’ve received after-death communications from their loved ones. That’s an astounding number! What’s more, some people may receive these communications more than once in their life.

Visits from the other side may come in many different forms. For instance, with a dog, you may feel his presence or hear his bark. Or you may hear his paws walking across the floor or running on the carpet. Some people have even described smelling their dog nearby as if he’d just had a bath.

Other people even describe feeling their dog’s wet nose-bump them at different times. This may be during the night when they’re sleeping. Or it may be when they’re afraid of something. Some pet parents have even seen reflections of their beloved dogs in a mirror or window.

We have to mention that our dog has sometimes made his presence felt. One time, we were heading to the store, walking past some buildings, when a person came out of the shadows. This person was intent on trying to rob us; however, at the moment when fear began to take over, the thought of our large, protective dog came to mind.

The thought was so strong we could almost see our dog standing between the robber and us. For some reason, the robber decided not to come near us. To this day, we believe our fur baby was protecting us. We still feel his presence every day in other ways, too.

Other Signs Your Dog is Waiting for You in Heaven

Researchers say our dogs may show they’re with us in other ways, too.

Hearing Familiar Sounds

A study on grief and pet parents showed that some people do hear familiar sounds that seem as if they’re coming from their dog, who has passed. The sounds are a type of after-death communication that can happen even 20 years or more after the dog has passed.

Experts on departed pets say that sounds are one of the most common signs our pets send us. They send out a “Hello” in a sound that they know we’ll recognize. They may do this to help us with our grief or just to let us know they’re still around.

Some dogs may make a faint bark; you may hear his paws across the floor or maybe hear his collar. Unfortunately, this sound may happen only a couple of times right after death, or it may continue for years.

Smells of Your Dog

Another common communication method our dogs use from the other side may be a certain smell. They may choose smells that we would associate with them. For instance, it might be the smell your dog had right after a bath, when he was caught in the rain, or even smell like his favorite food or poop. Well, the last one would be a little gross, but wouldn’t it be great to know your fur baby was sending you poop smells? Our dog might do that just be funny, as he was quite a character!

Feeling Your Dog’s Presence

This is another common occurrence for pet parents; they may feel their dog’s presence. We had that experience with the robber; however, we’ve also felt our dog’s presence at other, happier times, too.

Dogs may just let us know they’re nearby, allowing us to feel their souls. Or maybe we have the sense of petting their fur, etc. This feeling can vary, but you know it’s your dog. Your soul recognizes his right away!

Seeing Your Fur Baby in the Corner of Your Eyes

Some pet parents say they’ve seen their dogs in the corner of their eyes after they’ve passed away. It may be only a brief glimpse, but how reassuring to see your fur baby even for a few seconds.

Other pet parents say they’ve seen their dogs come running across the floor! However, when they look again, there’s no one there. It can really happen that quickly but rest assured, this is a sign from your fur baby that he’s still with you.

Specific Memories of Your Dog

Another way that our dogs may let us know they’re with us is through special memories we share with them. For instance, we have a memory of our dog from one of our birthdays. Our dog loved wrapping paper. He would try to open our gifts every time just to get at the paper! This one birthday, our dog opened up one of the gifts and then somehow got the wrapping paper on his head. He looked like he was wearing a birthday hat! It was hilarious!

It’s these types of memories that can come out of nowhere. It may be a funny memory or one that was otherwise special and shared with your fur baby. They can come to us through these memories and share their love with us from the other side.

Your Dog’s Name Comes Out of Nowhere

Pet parents have also shared another phenomenon that happens all of a sudden. They may not be thinking about their fur baby at that specific moment, but all of a sudden the dog’s name appears in some way. For instance, their name may appear on a billboard, in a magazine, or in another place. This can be a sign from your fur baby on the other side.

Couldn’t this just be a coincidence? Well, we don’t know for certain. However, if you feel happy at the thought of your fur baby’s name and they come to mind, then perhaps it is a sign from them they’re still around and sending you their love! 

Dog Appearing in Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of your dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge? If so, then you’re not alone. There are many stories of pets who appear in dreams of their pet parents from the other side.

Usually, these dreams tend to feel extremely real, and the dogs are very healthy. What’s more, the dog may “talk” to their pet parent telepathically.

Many pet parents may wake up feeling extremely emotional after this type of dream. It’s possible to feel happy, sad, and more. But the common reaction is that the dreams were somehow helpful to the pet parents. The messages from their departed dog seemed to send reassurance, love, and comfort from the other side.

So, Can Dogs Communicate with Us from the Other Side?

It really all comes down to your own beliefs. Some people believe there’s nothing after this life. However, even non-believers who experience these touches from their departed dogs begin to believe it’s possible.

Scientists have not been able to definitively say whether or not it’s possible to receive messages or contacts from those who have departed. However, why not? Consider the strong bond of love that we share with our dogs?

What’s more, that love never dies. Just think of your dearly departed dog and see what happens. What emotions come to mind? Do you feel sad? Do you have wonderful memories that come rushing back? If you can still feel these things, even years after your dog has passed, then you know the love didn’t die with your fur baby in this life. That love continues in some form.

Our personal feeling is that there is definitely an afterlife that is waiting for us. When we pass, we believe our fur babies will be there waiting to greet us. While this is our personal belief, each person has to make their own decision about this. This is our own belief, but yours could be different.

Still, it’s comforting to know that your fur baby is still around, sending his love and waiting until you can join him on the other side. Think of the happiness and joy you’ll experience when you two meet again!

Summing It Up

Whether you believe your dog is communicating with you from beyond is a very personal thing. Everyone has their own ideas on this subject, and that’s OK. There’s no right or wrong way to think about this.

So, we’d like to leave with these stories and the possibility that your fur baby is in heaven waiting for you. We’re pretty sure that will be one exhilarating, joyous reunion!

Take comfort in the fact that your fur baby is there. Your dog is sending you messages, and you only have to be open to receiving them. Of course, it can’t hurt to try staying open to these heavenly messages from your dog in heaven!

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