Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans?

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Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans

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There’s a question that may cross your mind from time to time, especially if your dog regularly humps your leg. This is a question other pet parents have asked, too. Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans?

Just a heads up—this will not be a weird article, we promise! We’ve done the research to explain dog behavior as it applies to humans. There’s nothing here that’s offensive. So, don’t worry. This is a clean article!

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted to Humans?

The answer is no. Dogs’ instincts are to mate with other canines, not humans. However, some people may wonder why their dog seems to be aroused and humping their leg. This can happen for various reasons, which we’ll cover later in the article.

Can Dogs Find Humans Attractive?

No, dogs don’t find humans attractive in a sexual manner. Dogs are don’t rationalize whether someone is attractive to them or not. Instead, they have a strong instinct to mate with another dog.

Male dogs will find the female dog that’s in heat and focus solely on them. They will not do this with a human. Dogs do, however, see humans as a companion.

Do Male Dogs Get Attracted to Female Humans?

Again, no. Dogs may be attracted to the smell of a woman’s pheromones. This is why a male dog male sniffs our private areas.

Otherwise, male dogs are not attracted to female humans.

The Facts on Why Dogs Can’t Get Turned on by Humans

There are a number of reasons dogs are not able to be “turned on” by humans. Let’s take a look.

1. Genetics

The main reason dogs are not sexually attracted to humans is it’s not in the dog’s genes. This type of genetic isolation is necessary to keep two different species from mating and producing young.

In addition, the DNA of a dog doesn’t match up with the DNA of a human. It’s impossible for our genes to naturally mesh with a dog’s gene through mating. It’s not going to happen.

Genetic isolation is what keeps a species alive. Here’s a great example. At the same time, humans and chimpanzees share about 96% of their genes. However, chimps and humans are not able to mate and produce young. What’s more, chimps and humans don’t find each other attractive in that way.

So, it’s impossible for dogs and humans to mate and dogs don’t find humans attractive in that way.

2. Dogs & Humans Are Built Differently

In addition to dog and human genes not meshing, dogs and humans also have different bodies. Dogs usually have four legs and a tail. Humans have two legs and two arms, and no tail. Plus we walk on two feet, while dogs walk on four.

Again, our genes and dog genes are not compatible.

3. Dogs Aren’t Attracted in the Same Way We Are

Humans find other humans attractive for various reasons, including appearance, personality, and more. However, dogs are not attracted in these ways. It’s not possible for a dog to “lust” after another human.

Male dogs only feel lust when a female dog is in heat. The males are attracted to the female’s pheromones. And the male dog instinctively wants to find the female and mate.

In addition, human and dog pheromones are different. Male dogs are only turned on by female dogs’ pheromones, which are made of a substance called Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate. This is the pheromone male dogs can smell up to three miles away! It drives them crazy, and they’ll do everything possible to find the female dog to mate.

Humans are entirely different and don’t produce the same pheromones as female dogs.

Why Do People Think Dogs Are Turned on by Humans?

Here are some reasons that people believe dogs are attracted to humans.

Dogs Hump Our Legs

Dogs (male and female) may try to hump a human’s leg. This is normal behavior for a dog. However, if a dog is humping your leg, he’s not feeling attracted to you.

Dogs hump human legs for different reasons. The dog may be overly excited or bored, he may have behavioral or medical issues, and more.

Dogs Smell Our Private Areas

Yes, it’s true that dogs smell our private areas; however, it’s not because they’re sexually aroused. Dogs smell these areas because we produce pheromones in that area of our bodies.

Dogs will sniff just about any body part, including private areas. This is normal dog behavior. Dogs have extremely sensitive noses, which can pick up all types of scents. Our canine companions can also pick up a lot of information from smelling. Dogs are even trained to sniff out certain health issues such as cancer, and more.

So, if your dog sniffs your private area, it’s not because he’s turned on. He’s only gaining information about you. That’s it!

Should You Stop the Behavior?

There may be times when this behavior can make another person feel uncomfortable. So, it’s  good idea to keep your canine companion from humping the legs and private areas of anyone.

One of the best ways to stop a dog from humping is to have them spayed or neutered. This keeps them from having the urge to have sex, which is much stronger when the dogs are intact.

However, this is an issue that you should talk with the vet about first.

Another option is to train your dog not to hump or smell private areas on humans. Use positive reinforcement training methods and offer a reward when your dog stops doing these actions.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! Dogs are not attracted to humans for many reasons, including genetics. In addition, a dog can be trained to stop humping legs and smelling private areas.

However, if these efforts don’t work, you may need to consider an appointment with the vet and/or hiring a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to curb these behaviors in your dog.

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