3 Things You Do That Affects The Mental Health Of Your Dog

By Tom •  Updated: 07/29/22 •  4 min read
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3 Things You Do That Affects The Mental Health Of Your Dog

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Many fur parents consider their pet dog as their own child or another half. The mere fact that your pet dog is around gives you comfort and joy because of how active, friendly and lovable they can be. Dogs are known to provide unconditional love, but sometimes their traumatic experience with people affects their mental health badly, which makes them fear you. Dogs are like newborn babies when you adopt one; they know nothing in this world, so properly guiding and providing for their needs will help them adapt to this generation. This article will tackle three things you mistakenly do that might affect your dog’s mental health. This way, you’ll know how you should act around your dog.

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1. Scolding with physical punishment

Your dog is a living being too. If you have been trying to discipline your dog with physical punishments, it won’t work; thus, it might result in you scaring them whenever you are around because they will think you’ll physically hit them, which will give your dog anxiety. Rather than physically hitting them, try disciplining your dog with a treat. In this way, your dog will not fear you and hate you; this could also be your way of bonding and helping them learn how to behave appropriately.

2. Not giving enough attention

Dogs need attention, especially if they are still a puppy. Let them get to know you, show them the real world, play with them, give them treats when they obey you, feed them properly and give them love as much as possible. Giving attention to your dog means a lot because they feel accepted. If you don’t give your dog the proper attention that it needs, it will result in them having depression, and they will act weirdly, and you won’t be able to know the reason behind it.

3. Leaving them for a long time

Leaving your dog for hours or even days will cause separation anxiety, which is pretty famous for every dog owner. If you’re going far away, leave your dog with someone you fully trust or someone your dog has met. In this way, even if you’re far away, they know that the person they are with is trustworthy, but also make sure you’ll be able to communicate with them through video calls or pictures. Dogs will eventually miss their owner, and if they do, they will constantly seek you no matter what.

Why should fur parents be cautious with their actions toward their dogs?

Being cautious with your actions towards your dog will help them feel at ease after a traumatic experience or give them the best life they can have with you. Be mindful of what you say to them or act in front of them; we will never know if we hurt them because they cannot express their feelings like us humans.


We are lucky to have dogs in this world because they give genuine joy to our lives. Minding their feelings is one of the most incredible things we can do to them to show how grateful we are to have them. One of the most pet-friendly districts in this world is Washington; there are a lot of online vets in Washington that are affordable yet offer great deals for your dog; you can talk to the veterinarians virtually and still get the proper prescriptions. Going outside is still dangerous, especially for your dog. Luckily online appointments are available now! It is challenging, yes, but sooner or later, you’ll finally realize how nice it is to have a dog around you. Be the best fur parent you can ever be!

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