Tips and Tricks to Become a Dog Walker on Wag

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Do you enjoy spending time with dogs? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a dog walker? Would you like to make a little money on the side, while also having some fun? Then you might consider working as a Wag dog walker! In this article, we’ll take a look at Wag and share tips and tricks to make a successful go at being a dog walker for Wag.

What is the Wag App?

If you live in or near a larger city, chances are you’ve heard of Wag or one of its competitors. Wag is an app that allows you to take care of your dog, even when you’re out for the day. In fact, you can use the app on your smartphone to hire a dog walker to take your precious fur baby out for his daily walk.

The service first started in New York City with 75 dogs walkers, but then spread to the west cost to Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s quickly become a go-to service for anyone who needs help walking their dog. The app, which is based on the gig economy idea, works a little bit like Uber or Lyft—only for dogs. Just as you order a ride, you can easily hire a dog walker through the app. It’s fast and easy!

How Does It Work?

A doggie pet parent first installs the app on their smartphone and then creates an account with Wag. After they sign up, they can choose to have Wag send a lockbox to their home. The lockbox is used to securely store the keys to the pet parent’s home. A code is needed to unlock the box in order to obtain the key.

When a pet parent’s ready to hire a dog walker they simply make a request through the app. The app uses an algorithm to find nearby dog walkers. The pet parent then reviews the dog walkers and approves or declines them for the job. Once the dog walker’s been approved, the app gives them the address and directions to get to the dog’s home. The dog walker then uses the lockbox’s code to get the home’s key and then take the dog out for a walk.

During the walk, the dog walker can take pictures, alert pet parents if there’s a problem or if their dog has done his business and more. All of this is done through the app. When a pet parent is happy with the dog walker, they can leave a review on the dog walker’s profile. The higher the number of positive reviews, the more popular the dog walker’s profile becomes. That’s pretty much how the app works, but what about becoming a dog walker for Wag?

How to Become Dog Walker on Wag

Signing up for Wag to become a Wag Walker is a short process; however, you will have to pay for and complete a background check before you’re accepted. The signup process is pretty easy. After signing up, Wag will ask you to supply the email addresses of people who can give you a recommendation. Wag then contacts these people and sends them a form to complete. The first part of this process generally takes a couple of days.

Next, you’ll be required to watch some training videos, answer a few questions and take some quizzes on walking dogs. You’ll be quizzed over the proper way to put on a harness and leash, how to walk a dog, etc. This part of the process doesn’t take long at all, but you will have to familiar with dogs.

The next step is the background check, and you will be expected to pay $25 for the check. You’ll also be required to set up your Wag profile, which should include a short bio and a photo of you. Once you’ve been approved to work as a dog walker, you’ll be ready to start taking dog walking requests.

Wag Walking Bio Example

What should you include in your Wag bio? The first thing to consider is that you’re trying to attract the attention of pet parents. What would naturally draw a pet parent to your bio? Your love of dogs and other animal.

When describing yourself, be sure to include the following information:

The more information you can share in your bio, the more responses you’ll receive. Not only that, but pet parents can make sure you’re the best fit for their dog, too.

Wag Dog Walker Pay

So, how much can you expect to make as a dog walker? This will depend. First, you need to know that Wag takes from 30% of your earnings. This goes to help pay for the platform, customer service, advertising, etc. Also keep in mind that you’ll be an independent contractor working with the company. This means that Wag does not withhold taxes for you—you are required to do this yourself. Not to worry though, using a tax calculator is easy and can really simplify the process of withholding taxes yourself. Ultimately, this isn’t a way to become rich; however, it can be a nice side-gig to your regular job when you need extra cash.

Next, pay will depend on the number of hours you choose to work. You’ll obviously have the chance to make more money if you work more hours. Your earnings will also depend on the number of dogs you walk, how long the walks are. It’s possible to earn more if you provide excellent service to your pet parent clients, as they are allowed to give tips for a great experience.

Typical rates for most areas are $20 for 30 minutes, and adding an additional dog is another $5. Dog walks can be ordered in 30 or 60 minute increments. One thing to keep in mind is that Wag does hold flash sales to bring in new customers. During flash sales, dog walking rates are cheaper and the dog walker will make a lower rate per walk for each flash sale. Competition is high for Wag walkers in many areas, so it can be hard to get work.

With all this in mind, the typical Wag walker can earn about $12 for a 30 minute walk. If you walk a few hours a day, then the opportunity to earn more increases depending on the competitiveness of the market where you live. It’s possible to make some money on the side, but you probably won’t get rich.

Wag Walker Tips

Walking dogs is when the adventure begins. To make the best. You’ll need to be ready for anything and everything when you start dog walking. When it comes to actually walking the dogs, we’ve put together a list of tips to get you started:

1). Keep your smartphone charged and with you: this is a no-brainer and may seem very obvious, but it’s easy to forget to charge your phone and/or leave it at home or some other place. To stay organized, keep your phone in a certain spot every day and always plug it in, to fully charge it for the next days’ work.

2). Wear a fanny pack: wear a fanny pack when you’re out working with your clients’ dogs. The fanny back is making a comeback and is an excellent way to carry what you need. You’ll have a convenient place to carry your smartphone, which you must carry with you while walking each dog. It’s also a handy way to carry doggie poop bags, a portable water dish, business cards and more.

3). Be available several hours a day: in order to make the most money, it’s helpful to be available several hours a day. You’ll have more opportunities to work, which can make your income increase. This will, of course, depend on demand for walkers and the number of walkers in your area. Some areas do experience high levels of competition, especially in large cities.

4). Keep notifications turned on: to stay up with the competition in your area, it helps to keep notifications turned on all the time. This way, you’ll receive a text alerting you that a new walk is available and you’ll have the chance to accept the walk quickly. Leaving notifications turned gives you some advantage when the competition is high.

5). Work quality: in order to be successful on Wag, you’ll want to do the best job you can and maintain a high ethical standard. Think of it this way, you’ll be walking someone’s precious bundle of fur. You need to treat the pet parents and their fur babies with a high level of respect. The pet parents will depend on you to care for their dog and get him home safely. Not only that, but there is opportunity for the pet parents to leave a review on your profile. Profiles that have excellent reviews on a regular basis will logically draw the most work. Take excellent care of the dogs you walk, do the best job you can and work to make sure the pets and their pet parents are happy with your work.

6). Take great photos and write a detailed report: the Wag app requires dog walkers to take a photo of each dog they work with and then send the photo to the dog’s pet parents. When the walk’s over, the dog walker also has to send a “report card” of how the walk went, how the dog behaved, etc. Be sure to take the cutest photo possible to send to pet parents.

After walking reports are more helpful to the client when they are detailed and honest. Pet parents will be highly appreciative of an honest review and are more likely to see you as trustworthy. Not only that, but pet parents can even become recurring clients. You might even earn more tips from your pet parent clients by taking great photos and writing detailed reports.

7). Wear the Wag t-shirt and attach the doggie bandana: this tip will help you earn another buck or two, putting a little more money in your pocket. In fact, it’s a little bit of “free” money for every time you wear the shirt and attach the bandana to the dogs you’re walking! You can customized the t-shirt design to make it very eye-catching and unique.

8). Use business cards & carry them with you: Wag offers business cards through their Wag store for walkers. These are a handy way to get your name in front of potential clients. Not only that, but when you become a Wag walker, you’ll receive a personal code that’s used as a way to entice new customers. It works like this—write the code on the back of your business card. When a new customer uses the code, their first dog walk is free. However, you’ll earn $25 for each new customer who uses your personal code. Not a hard way to earn a few extra bucks.

9). Bring an extra leash: you may occasionally find that a pet parent has forgotten to leave out their pup’s leash. For this reason, it’s a good idea to carry at least one leash when you go out for work.

10). Carry a small portable battery charger: this will come in handy when you have back-to-back walks. The app requires you to take photos, track the walk, write a report of the dog, etc. This will quickly use up your phone’s battery. You can quickly recharge your phone with a portable battery pack. It’s fast and easy to recharge your phone as you walk! 

Wag Walker Achievements

You can earn achievement badges for your Wag profile! These badges of honor can give you an advantage when it comes to the competition. The more badges you have for great work, the more people will be drawn to your profile, leading to more work and income.

The app also awards achievement badges for above and beyond work, extra caring badges and more. Use these achievements to your advantage. The more you unlock, the more badges will be displayed on your profile. You’ll have more customers and income for your work!

We hope this guide has given you some insight into what it takes to become a Wag dog walker, and what you can realistically expect to make. Remember to provide the best service you can to your doggie charges—you’ll gain a positive reputation that will earn you a little more in the long run.

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