Cat Sucking Blankets – What To Do

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Cat Sucking Blankets

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Cats can be pretty strange critters sometimes, such as when they’re sucking on their blankets! While it can look cute, what happens if your fur baby’s sucking on a shirt you need to wear later? You put the shirt on, only to find wet spots all over! That’s not so cute!

What causes cats to suck on blankets and other things? We’ve done some research to find some answers about this problem and whether it’s anything to worry about. Let’s get started!

Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets?

Here are some of the common reasons a cat may suck on blankets!

1. Weaned Too Early

A cat may suck on blankets if she was weaned too early. It’s normal for kittens to suckle their mother to get milk. You may have seen kittens suckling and kneading their mother at the same time. This stimulates the production of milk.

Kittens are usually kept with their mothers until they’re about eight weeks old. About this age, the mother cat begins to wean the kittens and teach them to eat solid food. However, kittens that are weaned too early may look for the closeness and comfort of their mother by sucking on blankets.

This is only theory, however. Not all cats that are weaned early suck on blankets! But it is a theory that makes sense, especially since dogs have a similar behavioral issue if they’re weaned too early.

2. Oriental Cat Breeds Suck on Blankets

Breeders and pet parents have noticed that oriental cat breeds suck on blankets more often than other cat breeds. In some cases, it’s possible these cats were removed from their mothers too early. It’s also possible the kittens may have come from a smaller litter. Kittens from smaller litters usually have more opportunity to suckle before they’re weaned.

What’s more, oriental cat breeds usually take longer to wean than other cat breeds. So, it’s entirely possible the cats are weaned too early and take to sucking on blankets as a form of comfort.

3. Cats Suck on Blankets to Relax

Cats may also suck on blankets because this action is relaxing. When you see a cat doing this, they seem very at ease and relaxed. They look very happy, too.

The behavior could remind the cats of their time as kittens when they suckled their mother. That was a stress-free time for them, and they were comforted by their mother’s presence at the same time.

If you notice your feline fur baby sucking on a blanket, don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that she’s stressed! She may find it relaxing and pleasurable to suck on blankets!

4. Stress Relief

Another reason a cat may suck on a blanket is for stress relief. An adult cat may feel protected, comforted, and less stressed when sucking on a blanket as she once suckled her mother.

A cat may turn to sucking a blanket if she feels stressed and overwhelmed. If your cat does this on a regular basis, you may want to get her checked at the vet’s. Your fur baby could be dealing with stress and anxiety. The vet may be able to prescribe treatments, such as medication, to help your fur baby feel better.

5. Showing Affection

Cats may suck on blankets and knead you to gain attention and express their love! If your fur baby sucks a blanket or another item that’s on you, she may be showing she trusts you and that she feels happy with you.

6. Habit

It’s possible for a cat to also develop the habit of sucking on blankets. Maybe the action once soothed and calmed her anxious feelings. But over time, she kept sucking on a blanket, and now it’s become a habit.

You may notice your cat sucking blankets when she’s in a new environment or feeling stressed. She may be trying to self-soothe and calm herself down.

Wool Sucking

Some cats are determined to suck on wool blankets and sweaters. This can be a problem if the cat is sucking hard or too frequently. The cat may also begin to chew on the wool and eat it, which could cause digestive issues.

If your cat seems obsessed with sucking on blankets and other wool items, it’s a good idea to call the vet. Your feline companion could have an underlying health issue or feel very anxious about something. The vet can make a diagnosis and suggest treatments that would help your cat feel better and stop sucking on wool.

Keep Your Cat From Sucking Blankets

In some cases, it may be necessary to keep your cat from sucking on blankets. If so, here are some steps you can take to help her stop the habit.

Don’t Encourage The Behavior

Some pet parents encourage their cats to suck on blankets and other wool items. Other pet parents may encourage their cat’s behavior if the cat appears stressed or anxious. However, the behavior should be discouraged.

Never scold your fur baby for sucking on a blanket. Instead, try to give her a distraction. This may be a favorite toy or a small treat she really likes.

Activity & Stimulation

When cats become bored, they can quickly develop anxiety. So, if your cat has this problem, it’s a good idea to provide some activities and mental stimulation for your fur baby. This may keep her from sucking on blankets.

Try to give her some fun toys, scratching posts, a cat tree or shelves, cat grass, or cat puzzles. These are all great ways to stimulate your cat’s mind and help her get some exercise. She’ll forget all about sucking a blanket if she’s having fun doing other things!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! A cat sucking on a blanket can be entirely normal. It’s a way to calm herself, and she may enjoy this activity when she’s in her bed or lying on you.

Sucking on a blanket usually isn’t a problem unless your fur baby is also showing signs of boredom and/or anxiety. In that case, try to distract her with toys and fun activities. She’ll soon be focused on playing with you and her fun toys! That old blanket won’t seem as inviting to your kitty!

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