Cat Hiding Under Bed – What It Means And What To Do

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Cat Hiding Under Bed

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Cats love to find small places to hide and curl up to sleep. But some cats love to hide under the bed! But what does it mean? Is it anything to worry about when your feline friend hides under the bed? Is there anything you can do about it?

We did some research and found several reasons that a cat might want to hide under the bed. We also found information on when this should be a concern and what you can do to get your cat out from under the bed. Let’s get started!

Why Does Your Cat Hide Under the Bed?

Here are some of the most common reasons a cat may choose to hide under the bed:

1. The Cat is Scared

When a cat is scared, she will look for a place to crawl into and hide. Hiding under the bed is a convenient place to hide. After all, it’s more difficult for you or anyone to get her out, and no monster is hiding under the bed!

Things that can cause a cat to scurry under the bed include loud noises, a new person in the house, a new pet or your dog barking like crazy, and more. When your feline friend is under the bed, she feels more secure. And she can listen and wait out the situation before coming out again.

You might think of the space under the bed as your kitty’s hideout! If she’s there, it’s best to leave her alone until she’s ready to come out again. However, if you believe she’s sick, it’s necessary to get her out right away.

2. Secure Fortress

The space under the bed also makes a pretty secure fortress for your kitty. She may feel very secure there, especially if she realizes you have a hard time getting her out! What’s more, nothing can get under the bed if your cat’s there. She is sure to make any other animal leave the space right away!

Cats also choose under the bed as a great place to take a snooze. It’s comfortable and cozy under the bed and sounds may not reach her as easily. Maybe we ought to rethink that space and use it ourselves!

3. Wanting to Be Alone

Your feline companion may be hiding under the bed because she wants to be alone. She may be made because you gave her medicine or scolded her for knocking over your favorite vase. Here, again, the bed offers a fortress of security. Your fur baby can cool down and relax when she’s in her own space like this.

As long as your fur baby doesn’t appear to be sick or in distress, it’s OK to leave her there. She needs a cooling-off time and wants to be alone. That’s OK. She can have some time to herself before making an appearance again!

4. Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever seen your cat head under the bed when she’s stressed and anxious? You may peek under the bed and find her wide-eyed and anxious. Cats will hide under the bed, or any other place they believe is safe for them. When scared, your cat is trying to isolate herself from you and everyone in the house.

If your cat is stressed and anxious, you may notice other symptoms, such as:

If your fur baby regularly has symptoms of anxiety, it’s best to make an appointment with the vet. They have treatments and medications that can calm your kitty’s nerves and help her feel better.

5. Illness

When a cat’s sick, she may hide and become more withdrawn. This is an instinctive behavior that comes from our cats’ wild ancestors. In the wild, a sick cat becomes easy prey for predators. To avoid this issue, the cat may try to ride, reducing her risk of being attacked. If a cat’s sick, you may not notice until she’s hiding under the bed. By this time, she could be seriously sick. Cats are very good at hiding symptoms of illness.

If you believe your cat is sick and hiding under the bed, try to coax her out and call the vet. This is the right time to call the vet for a checkup. They will run some tests to figure out what’s going on. Once your vet has made a diagnosis, they can treat your kitty and hopefully cure the problem.

6. Going to Give Birth

Another time that a female cat may hide under the bed is when she’s ready to give birth! It makes complete sense when you think about it. The space under the bed is dark, quiet, and hard to reach. What better place to give birth to her kittens! So, if your fur baby is pregnant and hiding under the bed, she could be ready to have her kittens.

To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to set up an area for your cat before she gives birth. Do this about two weeks before she’s due. Make sure the space is dark, secure, warm, and comfortable. There’s no guarantee your fur baby will give birth here, but at least you can try.

We once set up a nesting bed/box for our cat, and she started having her kittens in the clean litterbox! So, you just never know! But at least you can give her the option of another secure space to have her kittens.

7. Dying

There’s another common reason a cat may hide under the bed. She could be dying. This is not a pleasant or happy thought, but the space under the bed gives your cat a safe, quiet, private place to pass away.

Hiding before death is another common trait our domesticated cats have inherited from their wild ancestors. It’s a way to keep from becoming prey.

If you have a sick or older cat, she could be hiding because she’s preparing to die. In that case, it’s best to let her be and ensure other pets or family members dry to bother her. Stay nearby, however, in case she needs your comfort and assurance.

Summing It Up

There are many reasons a cat may choose to hide under the bed. Most reasons are nothing to be concerned about, and the behavior is quite normal.

If you really don’t need to get your kitty out from under the bed, it’s best to leave her there. When she’s ready and feels safe, she’ll come out again.

However, if your feline fur baby is elderly, sick , or pregnant, it’s a good idea to get her out. A stressed or sick cat may need to see the vet for treatment. But in most cases, it’s best to leave your cat alone. She’ll come out when she’s ready!

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