7 Best Dog Breeds For College Students

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Attending college is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life. You can attend parties, meet new friends, play different sports and study the skills you want. However, for some individuals, the campus or a rented flat can be anxious and lonely, especially if you’re leaving home for the first time. To avoid these worries, many students opt to go with their dogs to the university to help keep them company, and having a friend by your side is always an excellent idea.

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Best Dog Breeds For College Students

In this article we have compiled a list of the best dog breeds suitable for a college student. These will become your most loyal friends, and will bring so much joy into the students’ lives.

1.  Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are arguably some of the friendliest dogs in the world. They will not mind you having visitors over in your building. They’re smart and obedient, which makes them easy to teach.

These dogs are very loyal and love to spend time with human beings, which means they are happy to play with you if you’re in the mood. Jemma Knight, a vet nurse who also works as a writer for papersowl.com, claims: “This breed is a perfect choice for a family or an active young adult like college students. This is because they adore big companies, and having a lot of people around is the best option for them”. She continues by saying: “Adopting a dog comes with huge responsibility because it needs a lot of exercise, which is suitable for active young people”.

2.  Shih Tzus

Tiny breeds are popular among college students, and Tzus is one of the most appealing dogs. The species is incredible for humans who stay in small apartments such as those in campus dorms. Since they come with low energy levels, moderate walks suit their day-to-day lives. One of their best abilities is that they can handle staying alone for a few hours. The tiny animals will mainly adjust quickly to a learner’s routine and will guard your belongings well.

Tzus need regular grooming. You will also need to watch its diet because it tends to gain massive weight while growing older. Tell your roommates not to overfeed your pet with treats when you go outside.

3.  English Bulldog

Best Dog Breeds For College Students

The puppy is the best choice for most owners. Some call it a big little pup. It weighs up to 50 pounds and is 12-14 inches tall. They are low-energy dogs, so it’s not hard to maintain their workout schedule, and they’re highly affectionate. Their ability to stay alone for a while makes them appealing to those attending classes. It will investigate its container, take laps around and locate a place to take a nap until you return.

This breed’s few disadvantages are constantly drooling and shedding pretty heavily. Experts also claim they have shown several health concerns. You need to ensure that the puppy stays cool during summer periods. Be attentive near the water because they are not excellent swimmers.

4.  Lhasa Apso

The Tibetan dog breed was initially the royal family’s guard canine. Although the tiny creatures will not fight off an intruder or bear, they make great soldiers and frighten unwanted beings by barking incessantly.

In the modern-day, most Apsos are more relaxed. The keepers don’t task them with anything apart from being pets, and they excel at this. They’re loving creatures but can be shy around humans they’ve not met.

Caretakers need to groom the breed regularly, so you need to budget for this expense.

5.  Boston Terrier

Also known as “The American Gentlemen,” these dogs are incredible for students. They’re cordial, intelligent, tiny, and typically will not overreact when you leave for long periods. They don’t mind the apartment life and are open to training. You will see that they don’t shed or drool a lot.

One of the most challenging things about it is its high energy levels. This dog requires an extended exercising day. However, it will not be much trouble for you when playing fetch or taking it on a walk because they tend to get tired relatively fast due to their little legs.

6.  Chinese Crested

The dog is small, sweet, affectionate, and comes with modest needs. They are beautiful creatures that will impress most. These witty and crested dogs are easy to instruct. However, they have one disadvantage – being clingy. You can’t abandon them for long hours. You might consider living with a roommate so the dog does not feel lonely.

7.  Pug

Taking care of pugs is simple. The adorable dog is little and it doesn’t need many hours of working out. Instructing the dogs comes with several challenges, but crate training will help. Those who like running and hiking might not view it as ideal for them. Their brachycephalic face makes it hard for them to breathe well if stressed.

If you own a dog for the first time, get this one. It’s lively, warm, and affectionate, and behaves well with other animals and humans. Note that they are not good swimmers, though.


Adopting a dog when going to college might be a fantastic idea. It can help bring home closer to you, avoid homesickness and make life entertaining. And although it’s tough, it can be rewarding to accommodate them into your busy lifestyle. Pay attention to how full your schedule is, because these four-legged animals require massive attention. You can’t abandon them for many hours, and you need to satisfy their several needs.

We hope that our list gives you enough options to choose from. You’ll want a dog that is friendly with others and one that is easy to train. No matter what breeds you like and which one you get, this little creature will become your best friend.

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